Smart lighting unleashed.

LampShade Android App Screenshot

LampShade is the leading Android app for controlling smart lightbulbs

Currently supports the Philips Hue. Additional device support coming in LampShade 3.0.


Never again have to get up to adjust the lights.


Set the mood with beautiful dynamic lighting.

Customize and Share

Create custom moods and share with the LampShade community.


LampShade is tablet friendly. Split pane layouts let you do more in fewer clicks.

LampShade Pro

Alarms, Widgets, NFC, and Automation with LampShade Pro

Upgrade to LampShade Pro to enjoy Alarms, Widgets, NFC triggers, and a Tasker plugin.


Wake up to a gentle sunrise or your favorite mood.


Lockscreen and Homescreen convenience.

LampShade on Google Glass

LampShade for Glass is currently in Beta. Follow the link below to learn more and install.

Get LampShade App on Google Glass

ok glass, set the mood to concentrate

Sets the lighting to any mood you wish.

ok glass, set the lights at 75 percent brightness

Dim the lights on command.

What everyone is saying about LampShade

The best app for Hue bulbs, the one that offers the most features that just plain make sense
After trying all the iOS apps, I ended up buying two Android tablets in order to use LampShade to control my Philips Hue lights. IMHO its the BEST app out there for Philips Hue
What the official app should be like!
Fabulous app. Can’t articulate how much I love using it
LampShade supports Philips Hue Control entire rooms using Groups on LampShade Android App Change the lighting mood with LampShade Android App Powerful Lightbulb Customization on LampShade Android App LampShade App was designed for tablets Alarms, Widgets, NFC, and Automation with LampShade Pro Wake up to alarms using LampShade Pro Lock and homescreen widgets with LampShade Pro Set lighting mood with LampShade on Google Glass Control light brightness with LampShade on Google Glass