LampShade for Google Glass Beta


Download version 0.2

adb install

LampShade for Google Glass is currently in beta. Right now it only supports brightness and limited mood commands applied to all lights. Group and custom mood support is in development. Follow LampShade on social media for updates.

Getting Started

The first time you perform a voice command, you will be redirected to complete the process of pairing with the Philips Hue hub. After successfully pairing, exit the app to begin using voice commands.


The 'set the lights' voice command is relatively lenient. All that is required is a number somewhere among the following words. The brightness will be set to that number.

The 'set the mood' voice command is currently limited to the following moods: Reading, Relax, Concentrate, Energize, and Dark (Dark is a substitute for 'OFF' because 'off' is too oftenly confused with 'of' by the speach recognizer).


ok glass, set the mood to concentrate

Changing mood on Google Glass with LampShade

ok glass, set the brightness to 75 percent

Changing brightness on Google Glass with LampShade